Let's lobby Bill Maher to "Flip A District."
Don't you think he'd love to take on Paul Ryan? Get on Facebook and Twitter, link provided here.

Link to more details on Real Time with Bill Maher Blog. Look for the Jan 31 post.


Coming Events

August 9-11
Get Out The Vote

August 12
Primary Election

August 13
Citizen Koch, the movie

August 14
Monthly Meeting

August 19
Annual Pig Roast Fundraiser

Aug. 27-Sept.1
Walworth County Fair

September 11
Monthly Meeting in Whitewater

November 4
Election Day! (VOTE)

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It's Primary Time!
Vote on Tuesday the 12th

Lots of Candidates to Support!
We're trying to keep up with the people who are running for office in Walworth County. Check out our page of candidates to see the info we've gathered and get links to the sites and Facebook pages that the candidates are using to spread the word of their positions.
We'll leave the choice to you.
Please go and support them.

We need volunteers for the Walworth County Fair. A small time commitment will help us greatly — set up, manning the booth, tear down, many small tasks, and you could make the difference. Contact Ellen Holly or Jim Anton


"You can't fix stupid... but you can vote it out."
Ron White



Join us as we bring this issue to the people, educating, gathering signatures, making small steps toward a large goal. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, bookmark this site and visit frequently. We'll keep you in the loop, and actively involved with fighting the good fight to keep the 1% from buying our county, state and country.

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For more information or to volunteer, call Ellen Holly at 262-374-0614 or email her here.
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